Translator and proofreader

Specialised in audiovisual TEXTS, LOCALISATION AND proofreading


English and French > Catalan and Spanish

Catalan < > Spanish 




I offer the following services directly to companies, individuals or translation agencies worldwide:


Translation of subtitles with or without time codes, also for the hard of hearing

Description and instructions to use software and apps

User interface, products description, marketing content, legal conditions, cookies policy, etc.



Associations and awards


Dave Dancsecs

Head of Customer Support


Anna is a confident, reliable and determined individual with a good work ethic, assured problem solving skills and great attention to detail.

Anna possesses excellent linguistic skills. During her time at Brandwatch, Anna was responsible for providing support to our customers via email in Spanish, French and English.

In addition to her multilingual skills, Anna also demonstrated prowess in translating technical information provided by developers into clear, concise and familiar language that our customers could easily understand.

As part of her role Anna also dedicated time to write and translate help articles for our customer knowledge-base and these were always delivered to the highest standard.

I highly recommend Anna for any role in translation or customer support.

Jan Thomas

Editorial Team Leader


It was my pleasure to meet and work with Anna Huguet between May 2014 and January 2016.  

Anna was an important member of my team during this time. Working on a linguistic project that required many abilities, all of which Anna brought to the work. 

It was important that she be able to work as part of a team and yet also work autonomously.  Each member of the team was working in a freelance capacity based in many countries. This meant that being able to use different forms of electronic communication effectively was paramount.  Reporting to me both regularly and clearly was also important. 

Over that time Anna worked fluently in Spanish and English. All her reporting and communication with me was in English. 

The editorial work had to be carried out, accurately and at speed, in several purpose built computing environments, toolbars, dashboards and etc. None of this proved problematic.

Anna was able to work well under the pressure of deadlines.  

Anna completed her part in the project to an extremely high standard of accuracy. It was an innovative project originally devised by Professor David Crystal, and required both accuracy and imagination from all the editors in order to achieve success.  

On a personal level I always found Anna to be friendly, cheerful and a pleasure to work with.

 A bit more about me…

I'm originally from Barcelona and I've always been passionate about languages and different cultures so I soon knew I wanted to do something related to both: translation. At secondary school, I was very lucky to be able to perform linguistic exchanges in Marseille, France, and Chicago, USA. Later on, as a translation student, I studied at Glasgow University, in Scotland, for three months. These amazing experiences opened a door for me and I started developing a great passion for travelling. This passion together with my eagerness to discover and learn new things and the love for languages, led me to live in Brighton, UK, for six years. All these wonderful experiences have allowed me to know the cultures and languages I translate from very closely, and today I can apply the acquired knowledges to a profession where cultural referents are so important. 


You can get in touch with me by email or phone:

(+34) 693 002 696

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